LDRA Tool Suite – TI Code Composer Studio Integration

The LDRA tool suite has been integrated with the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio and Code Composer software development environments. TI’s development environments offer a set of integrated development tools that can be further enhanced with TI and third-party plug-ins. With the integration of all these resources into one environment, LDRA and Texas Instruments deliver a combined solution that increases developer effectiveness and productivity. The LDRA tool suite integration supports both TI Code Composer studio 3.1 and 3.3 and is available now. In addition, previous versions are supported by legacy integration packages, including TI Code Composer 2.21.

LDRA Tool Suite - TI Code Composer Studio Integration

The integration of the LDRA tool suite and TI Code Composer offers Code Composer DSP users an array of tools — including source code coverage, test harness creation, and results capture — that are rarely available in small footprint environments.

The LDRA tool suite integration with Code Composer Studio uses TI’s own scripting API. As a result, developers gain seamless compilation, device programming, and I/O capabilities. When designers instruct the TBrun unit test facility to run a test case, Code Composer Studio is invoked in a single operation in which code is built, loaded and executed on the chosen target, the execution data extracted and finally the results processed and reported.

Despite the small form factor and limited resources of many DSPs, all of the capabilities of the LDRA tool suite are available for the full range of TI DSPs, including the C2xxx, C55xx, and C6xxx series. Due to the wide differentiation of the DSPs, tailored technical documentation is provided to ensure that engineers can take full advantage of the capabilities of their particular platform.

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