Nucleus Graphics User Interface and Linux Platform for ARM Mali-200

Mentor Graphics has integrated their Nucleus Graphics User Interface (GUI) with the ARM Mali graphics processing unit (GPU) family. The joint platform consists of Embedded Linux running on an ARM1176 processor with an integrated Mali-200 GPU. The integration of the Nucleus Graphics GUI solution with ARM’s optimized OpenGL ES device driver enables embedded designers to easily utilize the power of the GPU to deliver products with more compelling user interfaces. The Nucleus Graphics GUI solution enables anyone designing a GUI to make full use of Mali graphics acceleration capabilities.

By integrating the Nucleus Graphics GUI solution with the Mali-200 GPU, it is now possible for graphic artists and usability specialists to exploit the potential of this advanced 3D accelerator. The Nucleus Graphics product abstracts the complexity of the OpenGL ES API to enable anyone to incorporate sophisticated 3D effects such as lighting, spinning, fading, twisting and zooming into their GUI designs without any programming knowledge.

The ARM Mali-200 3D GPU incorporates a fully programmable vertex and fragment shader architecture, making it ideal for a range of applications — from advanced user interfaces and browsing experiences to console-quality gaming.

Nucleus Graphics is a 3D graphical user interface solution for embedded devices. It combines a highly optimized run time engine with a drag-and-drop GUI design tool, permitting compelling new embedded GUIs to be created, tested, refined and deployed quickly, without the need to modify any of the underlying application software. This code free approach affords greater differentiation without incurring the costs and delays normally associated with major GUI modifications.

More info: Mentor Graphics Embedded Software