Embedded Alley Development System Supports Freescale QorIQ, PowerQUICC III

Mentor Graphics is extending the Android mobile applications platform to support Freescale’s QorIQ and PowerQUICC III processors, which are built on Power Architecture technology. The Embedded Alley Development System, from Mentor Graphics, enables device OEMs to deploy Android or Linux on devices built with Freescale processors. The Embedded Alley Development System for Android-based devices will be available in August 2009. Based on the Open Handset Alliance Cupcake release of Android, the initial Mentor Graphics tool kit will include support for the Freescale MPC8536E development system, complemented by customer-tailored support from Mentor Graphics.

The new release of the Embedded Alley Development System opens numerous industries and applications to Android deployment — including networking and network appliances, storage, printing and imaging, multimedia, and industrial control applications. Enabling Android for QorIQ and PowerQUICC III processors allows OEMs to build smart, feature-rich devices based on Freescale processors using either their own value-added applications or shrink-wrapped software from the Android Marketplace.

Mentor Graphics’ engineering and productization efforts to enable Android for processors built on Power Architecture technology begins with the integration of Android-specific Linux kernel patches (for 2.6.28), and encompasses a range of other investments that include:

  • Porting the Dalvik virtual machine underlying Android to Freescale’s PowerQUICC and QorIQ processors, including architecture and build support and comprehensive optimization for Dalvik acceleration
  • Extending Android bionic run-time library and linker support to accommodate Power Architecture technology
  • Utilizes SPE APU, and/or Power Architecture FPU performance enhancement across all software modules
  • Integrating and testing board support and industry-specific device drivers, CODECs and other middleware
  • Supporting Power Architecture technology in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android targets in the Mentor Graphics customizable Development System
  • Platform and integration testing of Android stack components and shrink-wrap Android applications

More info: Mentor Graphics Embedded Software