Mentor Linux and Nucleus Multi-OS Solution for Marvell Sheeva MV78200

Mentor Graphics a combined open-source Linux and Nucleus operating system (OS) solution for the Marvell Sheeva MV78200 Dual-core Embedded Processor. The dual operating system support was co-developed by Mentor Graphics and Marvell. Applications include network controllers, switches and routers, high-performance storage, enterprise printers, DVRs, NVRs and video surveillance, and high-volume SMB gateways.

Developers can use the dual OSs to manage separate functional requirements, yet allow them to easily and reliably communicate with each other. The Sheeva MV78200 is a dual-core, high-performance, low-power, highly integrated processor with the Marvell Sheeva CPU cores. The MV78200 is a complete System-on-Chip (SoC) solution, optimized for low power applications ranging from routers, switches, and wireless base stations to high-volume laser printer applications. Mentor’s Nucleus OS is a fast, scalable and deterministic OS that can be used for operational tasks such as those required in printing drums and ink coverage for enterprise printers, whereas the Linux OS would be used for user interaction and communication.

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