Tuscany Tego Physical Design Software

Tego physical design software, from Tuscany Design Automation, accelerates existing physical design flows for CPU/DSP cores and other blocks using a structured design methodology. Tego visualizes a design, let’s designers see incremental what-if’s and provides analysis tools to optimize power, timing, and area. Tego works with Cadence, IBM, Magma, and Synopsys place-and-route flows. Tego is in production now. US pricing begins at $120,000 per license year.

Tego Physical Design Software Highlights

  • Deterministic design closure. With performance, power and area as primary objectives, another key value is that structured physical designs generally follow a systematic and predictable path to closure. Closure usually comes faster than by traditional techniques involving more trial-and-error.
  • Optimal and balanced design metrics. Control, comprehensible physical designs and visibility to make tradeoffs enable simultaneous convergence on speed, power and area requirements.
  • Reusable physical intellectual property (IP). Tego enables rapid porting of a structured physical design to other libraries or process nodes, giving designers not only reusable RTL IP but also highly differentiated and durable IP in the physical domain.

Tego works with all standard place-and-route tools, creating a quick and seamless interface. From a gate-level netlist, the engineer is able to specify relative placement constraints and optimize placement of blocks. This placement is exported to existing physical design tools using a scripting-level interface.

As process nodes shrink, aggressive performance ,and power requirements become increasingly difficult to achieve. Tego’s structured design methodology gives engineers a high productivity alternative to full-custom design. Based on Badger, Tuscany Design’s high-performance platform, Tego includes an option for integrated timing and power analysis that allows engineers to quickly perform sophisticated what-if analysis on the design using intuitive graphical manipulation. Designs using Tego develop intelligent, reusable, and durable physical structures.

More info: Tuscany Design Automation