Quickfilter QFIDa512 Audio SavFIRe Chip with WideAudio Stereo Technology

QFIDa512 Audio SavFIRe chip, from Quickfilter Technologies, now features WideAudio stereo spatialization technology. In smaller-sized stereo products such as iPods and MP3 docking stations, speakers are very close together, minimizing the listener’s ability to hear good stereo separation. The Quickfilter WideAudio technology provides the developer with a psycho-acoustic effect that gives the listener the sensation that the speakers are much farther apart. This effect greatly enhances the overall stereo listening experience.

The Quickfilter WideAudio technology is implemented in the QF1Da512 Audio SavFIRe chip when used with the latest version of the Quickfilter QFPro development software. The WideAudio functionality enables stereo widening (spatialization), along with two channels of audio equalization. All of these features can be implemented in a single QF1Da512 Audio SavFIRe chip at no additional cost when an audio filter is designed using this latest version of the QFPro development software.

Engineers can enable the WideAudio functionality during the filter design. When the design is complete, the WideAudio functionality is downloaded to the chip. There are no royalties or up-front license fees required for the use of the WideAudio feature.

The QF1Da512 Audio SavFIRe chip is available now in production quantities. The QF1Da512 Audio SavFIRe chip costs less than 75 cents in volume, comes packaged in a 3x3mm QFN and consumes only 2.8mW of power, which provides the user with a clear price-performance advantage. Its associated development kit, the QF1Da512-DK, is also available now.

More information: Quickfilter Technologies