Atrenta 1Team-Genesis Assembly, 1Team-Genesis IO, 1Team-Genesis Registers

Atrenta has extended their 1Team-Genesis platform. The announcement includes enhancements to the existing 1Team-Genesis Assembly product and the introduction of 1Team-Genesis IO and 1Team-Genesis Registers. The tools are all available now. Pricing for 1Team-Genesis Assembly, 1Team-Genesis IO, and 1Team-Genesis Registers depends on configuration and starts at $300K for a 1 year time-based license.

1Team-Genesis Assembly now features support for IP-XACT version 1.4, complete RTL import from either Verilog or VHDL, and extensive support for hierarchical design management and editing. The new 1Team-Genesis IO supports functions such as I/O pin multiplexing, local/global selection, and the ability to visualize ball grid and bonding diagrams. 1Team-Genesis Registers provides support for the hardware/software interface, including register management and the ability to generate register RTL. A graphical user interface also supports the capture of hierarchical memory maps.

1Team-Genesis supports architectural level chip assembly and provides a rich set of capabilities to plan the design, automate its assembly and establish feasibility. Along with the industry standard SpyGlass platform for RTL analysis and optimization, Atrenta provides a fully integrated flow from early specification to RTL handoff for implementation.

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