Magma Talus-based Low-Power Reference Flow for SMIC 65nm Processes

Magma Design Automation unveiled a low-power Talus-based IC implementation reference flow for the 65-nanometer process and low-leakage-process intellectual property (IP) from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). Talus enables designers to address power considerations throughout the flow and within a single environment. Using Talus, SMIC customers can get the best combination of performance, low power and fast turnaround times for complex designs. The reference flow is available now at no cost to Magma customers.

SMIC’s 65-nm logic technology combines improved performance and reduced power consumption with the increased design possibilities and cost efficiencies that a smaller-node process offers. Magma’s Talus IC implementation system fully supports the SMIC 65nm low-leakage process intellectual property (IP), including standard-cell libraries, power management kit (PMK), and memory compilers. The Talus implementation flow coupled with Talus Power Pro applies various techniques throughout implementation and to minimize power consumption while maximizing quality of results. Talus reduces turnaround time and the power consumption of ICs used in a wide range of consumer applications, such as mobile phones, personal media players, global positioning, digital television, set-top boxes and mobile storage devices.

More info: SMIC | Magma Design Automation