Lynguent Simulink Emulation Toolkit for ModLyng IME

Lynguent rolled out the Simulink Emulation (SE) Toolkit for the ModLyng Integrated Modeling Environment (IME). Simulink Emulation Toolkit is a collection of libraries with Simulink-equivalent building blocks that support the creation of system-level models of analog devices that can be used by engineers designing the circuit-level implementation. This reduces, by orders of magnitude, the time it takes to migrate a Simulink system-level design into a circuit simulation environment. The Simulink Emulation Toolkit is priced at $5,000.00 U.S. for a one year license and is available now.

The Simulink Emulation Toolkit

  • Provides a single tool for creating system-level models for a design and behavioral models for its components
  • Enables system-level portions of a design to be mixed with portions described at the circuit-level and then provides the ability for them to be simulated in the designer’s existing HDL-ready circuit simulator using Verilog-A, Verilog-AMS or VHDL-AMS, and MAST
  • Reduces design errors introduced through written natural language specifications and requirements derived from system-level design done in Simulink

The SE Toolkit enables a team to work within a its existing design flow and to generate the models on demand for the specific simulators that are used by the design team.

ModLyng IME is the industry’s first tool for analog mixed-signal (AMS) integrated circuit (IC) design that enables users to create, manage and support HDL-based simulation models for analog, digital and mixed-signal domains.

More info: Lynguent