Sigrity XtractIM v3.0 for IC Package Modeling

XtractIM Version 3.0 is Sigrity’s latest tool for IC package modeling. XtractIM v3 enables package designers to assess performance of signal and power delivery nets intuitively, characterize a broader set of package types, and extract electrical models with improved accuracy. The tool goes beyond extraction to provide assessment capability with automated results that correspond to the specifications provided by IC design teams. XtractIM 3.0 is available now for download by existing XtractIM users.

XtractIM 3.0 Features

  • Delivers a practical assessment method for complex SiP power delivery nets, and support for single-die packages; this approach simplifies the identification of design defects such as problematic die-side or board-side pins to reduce performance risk and analysis time
  • Extends the tool’s novel electrical performance assessment capabilities with a new signal net assessment analysis and results display; self impedance and coupling to other nets are computed and displayed versus position along each signal net, allowing package designers to pinpoint performance issues in complex designs efficiently and intuitively
  • Supports quad flat pack (QFP), quad flat pack no leads (QFN), and VQFP – a novel high pin count hybrid of QFP and QFN package styles
  • Further increases analysis accuracy with refined analysis engine component models for vias, pads and traces in support of single-segment RLGC or IBIS models, and multi-segment broadband models for analytically assured accuracy and efficient support for system-level time domain circuit simulation

XtractIM’s assessment approach consists of fast setup, simulation, and defect visualization for rapid issue resolution. Designers can clearly see qualitative information, and examine root cause physical structures simultaneously. With XtractIM, engineers can observe both die- and board-side package issues, including places where the design may not meet specified per-pin resistance and inductance. Unaddressed, these weak pins can negatively impact overall system performance. In addition, designs with multiple power nets also have potential loop inductance issues associated with shared return paths; and signal nets can be susceptible to excessive impedance and to coupling with other nets. XtractIM identifies these hard-to-find problems and does so in a way that is clearly understood even by non-experts.

More info: Sigrity XtractIM (pdf)