Arana Behavioral Modeling Platform

Orora Design Technologies introduced the Arana behavioral modeling platform. Arana automatically extracts intelligent behavioral models in Verilog-A/MS/D from a circuit netlist. The tool offers 100x to 1000x speedup for complex mixed-signal functional verification. With Arana, a designer without expert knowledge of behavioral modeling languages can quickly generate models consistent with the circuit design. Arana is now available pricing begins at $88,000 for a one-year time-based license.

Arana facilitates the creation of behavioral models as part of the top-down design process. Arana supports a comprehensive behavioral modeling methodology including model optimization, validation, test bench generation, and reuse. Arana has been tightly integrated in Cadence Virtuoso Analog Design Environment, and can run standalone with any pre-layout or post-layout netlist as the input.

    Arana Advantages Over SPICE Simulator

  • Efficiency
    Automatically extracted pin-compatible behavioral models faithfully represent silicon and are 100x to 1000x faster than SPICE.

  • Intelligence
    In case of a design error, a SPICE simulator will not offer much insight. In contrast, intelligent behavioral models can rapidly help to pinpoint design and integration errors, enabling silicon debugging.

  • Compatibility with Digital Verification Methodologies
    Formal analog assertions are automatically generated to account for circuit operational and interface constraints.

More info: Orora