Lynguent Event-Driven Mixed-Signal Toolkit for ModLyng IME

Lynguent introduced the Event-Driven Mixed-Signal (EDMS) Toolkit for the ModLyng Integrated Modeling Environment (IME). The Event-Driven Mixed-Signal Toolkit is a collection of libraries containing building blocks that support the creation of models for analog devices using event-driven (digital) techniques used in SoC verification. The Event-Driven Mixed-Signal Toolkit is priced at $5,000.00 U.S. for a one year license and is currently available.

Event-Driven Mixed-Signal Toolkit

  • Reduces the time required for a simulation by 1000x so that simulation can be done in minutes rather than days or weeks, thus enabling users to trade off total verification time against test coverage
  • Enables the reuse of model building blocks to reduce the risk of functional errors in the EDMS model
  • Enables EDMS models of analog devices to be quickly created by analog designers and then handed off to digital designers to modify with no assistance needed

Semiconductor and system IC designers that use the Event-Driven Mixed-Signal Toolkit with the ModLyng IME can save weeks in development time. ModLyng IME is a tool for analog mixed-signal (AMS) integrated circuit (IC) design that enables users to create, manage, and support HDL-based simulation models for analog, digital, and mixed-signal domains.

More info: Lynguent