Synopsys DesignWare minPower Components

The Synopsys DesignWare minPower Components is a new IP product that is an integral part of the Synopsys Eclypse Low Power Solution. The DesignWare minPower Components reduces power in datapath logic compared to traditional power optimization methods. By using the DesignWare minPower Components, leading wireless, networking and DSP companies achieved power reduction of up to 48% in datapath logic. The DesignWare minPower Components are expected to be available this quarter.

DesignWare minPower Components

DesignWare minPower Components Features

  • Innovative low power datapath architectures with lower switchings and glitches
  • Configured automatically by DC Ultra for most fitted implementation based on power costing and switch activities or transition probabilities
  • Smart architecture generation for lower leakage cell mapping
  • Integrated datapath gating within datapath blocks eliminates the timing overhead resulted from inserted isolation gates
  • Instantiated IP with enhanced clock gating and built-in isolation logic for better dynamic power
  • New data tracking IP reduce dynamic power consumption for pipelined architectures
  • Extend battery life for mobile applications by lowering the power consumption for circuits with extensive active times
  • Reduce power consumption for high-performance computing circuits

The unique architectures in the DesignWare minPower Components allow high-level datapath structures to be automatically optimized based on power costing and switching activities. Applications with datapath circuits that have a high percentage of active time, such as wireless receivers, audio/video processors, CPUs, media processors, and signal processing blocks for high-performance networking and storage, are ideal candidates for the DesignWare minPower Components.

More info: DesignWare minPower Components (pdf)