Sequence PowerArtist-XP for RTL Design

PowerArtist-XP, from Sequence Design, is an analysis-driven, automatic RTL power-reduction technology within an integrated environment. IP and SoC RTL designers, without becoming power experts, can analyze, visualize and reduce power by 10-60% or more within minutes on multi-million instances, with 50% fewer RTL edits, and productivity gains of 10X at a minimum. PowerArtist-XP is in production now. North America list pricing starts at $220,000 for a one-year TBL.

PowerArtist-XP is compatible with all standard design flows, including synthesis, simulation, and formal verification, and all leading formats and constraints including Common Power Format (CPF), Unified Power Format (UPF) and Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC). Utilizing Si2′s OpenAccess database (OADB), it gives engineers detailed access to power information to create custom reports or automate proprietary power reductions through an open Tcl API.

Sequence PowerArtist-XP offers maximum power savings, in minimum time, with the least number of RTL edits. The tool features Sequence’s new XPRT (eXtreme Power Reduction Technology), which maximizes power savings early at RTL – the highest level of hardware abstraction enabling high productivity. With XPRT, power reduction is not just sequential and combinational clock gating, but is also targeted for memory and datapath portions of complex SoCs and IPs.

PowerArtist-XP features PowerTheater timing-aware power analysis technology. By predicting power savings and area trade-offs upfront at RTL, single-pass power reduction identifies the highest impact RTL edits. Productivity increases multi-fold by obviating unnecessary iterations with synthesis and implementation while decreasing the impact on area, timing closure, verification, and functional ECOs. The integrated RTL power environment also enables designers to quickly discover power bugs, manage stimulus for peak and average power, generate custom reports for power regressions using the OpenAccess database, and more.

PowerArtist-XP automatically generates power-optimized RTL with surgical changes. The tool also includes the PowerCanvas graphical cockpit. PowerCanvas drives power-ordered reductions while providing a wide range of tightly interlinked visual debug diagnostics that make power easy for mainstream RTL designers. The PowerCanvas reduction dialogs provide both flexibility and precise guidance to the RTL designers in making rapid RTL edits.

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