AWR Microwave Office Design Software v2009

AWR introduced Version 2009 of their Microwave Office design suite. The 2009 release features Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance (MRHB) technology that dramatically increases the speed and reduces the computer memory required to perform steady-state analysis of complex nonlinear systems with multiple signal sources. MRHB helps perform steady-state analysis of distributive or dispersive systems with more than two or three signal sources. Microwave Office Version 2009 is currently in beta-release and will be commercially available in Q3/Q4 2009.

AWR Microwave Office Design Software Version 2009 with Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance

Microwave Office Version 2009 New Features

  • Expanded support for Open Access (OA) Process Design Kits (PDKs)
    AWR supports OA PDKs and layout views that enable an interoperable design flow among EDA vendors. They facilitate the seamless exchange of design information between software vendors, foundry partners, and their customers by employing a standard format.
  • Constant Output power Simulation
    This capability within Microwave Office software eliminates manual, post-processing steps and reduces simulation iterations.
  • Enhanced Load-pull Analysis
    The Microwave Office software environment effectively handles data formats from device characterization specialists Maury Microwave and Focus Microwaves. Enhancements to the software’s load-pull analysis include dramatic speed improvements as well as the ability to add or remove load-pull data points directly on the Smith Chart.
  • Behavioral Model Support for Mesuro’s Active Load-pull System
    Mesuro’s active load-pull system and Waveform Engineering enable the replication of S-parameter concepts within the nonlinear domain. This complete solution simultaneously measures the actual current and voltage at a device under test, allowing designers to view and engineer their waveforms to match theory. From this, a behavioral model (called a Cardiff model) can be extracted and invoked within Microwave Office Design Environment 2009. As a result, modeling and design engineers can fully characterize their devices or power-amplifiers for any signal and impedance environment.
  • Customizable Project Tree
    The customizable project tree can reconfigure nodes to allow better organization of large projects supporting hundreds of schematics and graphs.

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