CoFluent SystemC Library for CoWare and Synopsys Innovator

CoFluent Design announced that CoFluent Studio now supports the creation and automatic generation of SystemC models for CoWare Platform Architect and Synopsys Innovator products. Models can be integrated to virtual platform environments through the OSCI standard TLM-2.0 interface, offering a continuous development flow from executable specifications to virtual platforms.

The new CoFluent SystemC Library (SCL) for CoWare product is available now as an addition to its CoFluent Studio v3.0 integrated modeling environment. The new CoFluent SystemC Library (SCL) for Synopsys Innovator will be available in the fall as an addition to its next CoFluent Studio v3.1 integrated modeling environment.

CoFluent Studio users can create virtual system models for early architecture exploration and performance prediction. Models are built from graphical diagrams customized with time and performance attributes. A complete virtual system model including hardware, software and use case descriptions can be obtained with low effort before the first line of hardware or software code is available.

CoFluent models are translated into TLM SystemC for simulation and performance data extraction. The same generated SystemC code, obtained with significant productivity gains compared to hand-programming, can be used in virtual platform environments when proprietary/new IP can’t be found in vendors’ libraries. Test cases developed and validated earlier can also be reused with virtual platforms.

More info: CoFluent Design