Adeneo Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Training

Adeneo Embedded announcedt dates and locations for their Windows Embedded CE 6.0 training sessions. The four-day training is for developers who need an in-depth understanding of all Windows Embedded CE 6.0 internal mechanisms. Training sessions are taught by developers for developers. The classes are based on Microsoft’s Official Course for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Adeneo Embedded offers each attendee a free ARM-based development kit ($1,000 to $1,500 value). The particular development kit provided (Atmel, Freescale, or Texas Instruments) depends on the session attended.

The technical training is combined with hands-on labs using a complete ARM-based development platform. Technical content along with the Visual Studio and Platform Builder Tools Lab activities provide a complete understanding to attendees on Windows Embedded CE architecture, using the different development tools, analyzing build results, cloning a BSP, downloading and debugging Windows Embedded CE 6.0 images as well as driver architecture, stream driver, and application development labs.

North America Windows Embedded Training Schedule

  • Dallas, TX — September 28th to October 1st
  • Boston, MA — October 19th to 22nd
  • Seattle, WA — November 16th to 19th
  • Atlanta, GA — January 25th to 28th
  • Dallas, TX — February 22nd to 25th
  • Los Angeles, CA — March 22nd to 25th
  • Boston, MA — April 19th to 22nd
  • San Jose, CA — May 17th to 20th
  • Denver, CO — June 14th to 17th

Europe Windows Embedded Training Schedule

  • Munich, Germany — October 5th to 8th
  • Milano, Italy — October 19th to 22nd
  • Munich, Germany — November 16th to 19th
  • Paris, France — February 1st to 4th
  • Munich, Germany — March 22nd to 25th
  • Paris, France — April 19th to 22nd
  • Milano, Italy — June 7th to 10th

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