EVE ZeBu-Server One-Billion Gate Emulator

The ZeBu-Server, from EVE, is a scalable emulation system capable of handling up to one-billion application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) gates. Priced at less than a penny per gate for large configurations, ZeBu-Server offers a high level of automation, short compile time, multi-user capabilities, and greater execution speed than previous generations. Its transactor catalog eases and accelerates the installation of the run-time environment. ZeBu-Server is shipping now and is priced from $150,000.

ZeBu-Server is ideal for all system-on-chip (SoC) verification needs across the entire development cycle — from hardware verification, hardware/software integration to embedded software validation. It can be used as a multi-user, multi-mode accelerator/emulator with a typical performance of 10 megahertz (MHz) on a 40-million gate design. It offers high-capacity, fast setup, unparalleled speed of execution and powerful design debugging. All coalesce to ease the transition from processor-based emulators and custom FPGA-based emulators.

The ZeBu-Server compiler includes a multicore capability to break the linearity of the compile time on large designs. For example, in early tests, the ZeBu-Server software compiled a 200-million gate design in less than 10 hours, and a one-billion gate design in less than 12 hours.

ZeBu-Server offers automated, fast, and incremental compilation from SystemVerilog, Verilog, and VHDL register transfer level (RTL) code. As an interactive hardware/software debugging tool, ZeBu-Server includes complete RTL signal waveform dumping and support for SystemVerilog Assertions.

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