JasperCore for Multiple Parallel Formal Verification Deployment

Jasper Design Automation introduced JasperCore. The tool increases productivity and decreases the cost of deployment. JasperCore conducts multiple parallel runs using ProofGrid, which is a feature that distributes formal technology. JasperCore with ProofGrid enable users to implement multiple proofs, tasks, and applications, across multiple cores and computers, efficiently serving multiple users, even across multiple business units. JasperCore is now available.

JasperCore have been architected to include even more proof power, with more verification performance and capacity, and reduced memory and processing requirements. Significant enhancements include faster proof and visualization flows, proof engine enhancements, and high-performance design-traversal or “smart” algorithms to speed debugging. Powerful abstractions such as new Proof Accelerators and Scoreboard increase the power, capacity and performance of the tools. Proof Accelerators are formal modeling methods that significantly reduce the state-space of a design through optimized modeling (abstraction) of common design functions.

ProofGrid features dynamic allocation of properties, proof engines, and licenses over a computer network for parallelism and efficiency. ProofGrid significantly raises formal verification throughput and performance by leveraging the emerging power of local machine, cluster, and computer farms. It also provides seamless and powerful distribution and collaboration management for proof engines running on the network under a unified tracking console. The result is soaring productivity as users are freed from manually separating and dispatching multiple, single runs, and then collecting the results for each.

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