Technosoft TML_LIB_X20 Motion Control Library

The TML_LIB_X20 Motion Control Library embeds the Technosoft drives’ intelligence into a B&R PLC environment. The library is a collection of high-level functions and blocks enabling the control of the Technosoft intelligent drives from a B&R PLC. It works with B&R’s Automation Studio v3.0 SP3. With TML_LIB functions, designers can control Technosoft drives individually or grouped, by sending commands for simple (TS_MoveAbsolute), complex (TS_SetPVT, TS_PVTPoint, etc.) or synchronized (TS_GearIn) moves. The TML_LIB_X20 is an ideal tool for a quick implementation on a B&R PLC of motion control applications with Technosoft products.

Technosoft TML_LIB_X20 Motion Control Library

The library also features several non-motion driving functions and blocks necessary for drive management (TS_Power or TS_ReadStatus). All library functions have been designed using the guidelines described in the PLC standards for motion control, so they can be integrated on any development platform that is IEC-61131-3 compliant.

Using TML_LIB directly from the PLC, engineers can communicate with the drive via CAN-bus, to send motion commands, to get information automatically or on request about drive status and to check or modify the drive parameters. TML_LIB_X20 allows designers to focus on the main aspects related to their application, and to easily use the drive and execute motion commands by calling the appropriate functions from the library.

Beside the functions presented in the PLC standards, the library also contains functions which implement specific features found only on the Technosoft drives (TS_MovePVT). The motion control features of the intelligent drives are based on their high-level programmability in TML (Technosoft Motion Language), a common programming platform for all these drives. As a result, TML_LIB_X20 offers access to TML functionality without needing to use any TML commands.

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