Mentor Graphics iSolve SATA for Serial-ATA II Verification

Mentor Graphics introduced their iSolve SATA hardware-assisted solution for accelerateing the verification of Serial-ATA (SATA) II products — including hard disk drives (HDD) and optical CD/DVD drives. iSolve SATA enables designers to test their system-on-chips (SoCs) that control a HDD or optical drive by providing an accurate, hardware-based model of the real disk drive connected to their SoC. The solution has a “plug-and-play” interface to the Veloce family of hardware-assisted emulators, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to verify SATA designs.

The iSolve SATA solution can be used with traditional in-circuit emulation (ICE) as well as a high-performance transaction-based acceleration mode of operation. The ability to mix and match traditional ICE capabilities with high-performance, transaction-based acceleration facilitates the smooth transition from simulation-centric use models to in-circuit emulation. The solution is available for deployment at customer sites effective immediately.

iSolve SATA Benefits

  • Easy-to-use configuration tool means users are able to parameterize their SATA HDD or CD/DVD drive quickly and start their SoC verification as soon as possible
  • Productive debug environment provides access to low-level transactions to detect those hard-to-find bugs
  • High-speed data accesses to allow loading or unloading of GBytes of data in minutes rather than hours
  • Compliant to SATA 2.6 standard

More info: Mentor Graphics iSolve Application Solutions