Soft Control Accelerator for Soft Control Architecture

IntervalZero and Adeneo Embedded have teamed together to create Soft-Control Accelerator. The joint product offering helps Embedded OEMs migrate to a Soft-Control Architecture. Soft-Control Accelerator features an IntervalZero RTX 2009 SMP software development kit with a year of support and a three-day, on-site Adeneo services engagement that can be customized to meet the OEMs’ needs. Soft Control Accelerator will be offered in North America and is available only from Adeneo Embedded.

The foundation for a Soft-Control Architecture in hard real-time environments is an Integrated Real-Time Development Platform consisting of Microsoft Windows, multiprocessor x86 architectures, and IntervalZero’s RTX 2009, which provides real-time operating system functionality as an extension of Windows, and enables real-time symmetric multiprocessing (SMP).

By leveraging RTX 2009′s native SMP support on multiprocessor architectures, and its tight integration to the Microsoft Windows’ environment, OEMs get a Soft-Control Architecture that moves the hard real-time control logic, such as PLC or motion logic, from specialized hardware components to software components. The software runs on multi-core, commodity x86 processors and uses both Open Standards and Standard Communications Architecture, such as USB and real-time Ethernet.

Soft-Control Accelerator enables OEMs to learn about the capabilities of Soft-Control Architecture or jumpstart an embedded design by securing strong and reliable system architecture for their system.

More info: Adeneo Embedded | IntervalZero