Forte Design Systems Cynthesizer 3.6 SystemC Synthesis

Forte Design Systems rolled out the version 3.6 of Cynthesizer SystemC synthesis software for hardware and electronic system level (ESL) design. The new Cynthesizer features SystemC 2.2 support, tools for partitioning complex hierarchical systems, automated generation of complex interfaces, enhanced control-based design support, memory support upgrades, and scalability improvements. Cynthesizer comes standard with Forte’s transaction level modeling (TLM) synthesis capability. U.S. pricing starts at $275,000. Cynthesizer’s Partitioning and Interface Generator features start at $40,000 (U.S.) as an add-on to Cynthesizer to further improve productivity.

Cynthesizer v3.6 Features

  • Automated Partitioning
    Reduce weeks of design and verification time by automatically splitting designs into multiple threads with a single directive.

  • Interface Generator
    Automatically configure and create sophisticated interfaces such as line buffers, circular buffers, and more from our new GUI-base tool. Improve productivity and quality of results by getting specialized interfaces for application without weeks of RTL effort.

  • SystemC v2.2 Support
    Support of the latest SystemC version ESL standard. For your ongoing projects, SystemC 2.1v1 is still supported.

  • Transaction Logging
    Cynthesizer now offers transaction logging through an integration with Springsoft’s Verdi Automated Debug System. This capability enables designers to log complex transactions for memories or over interfaces directly to an FSDB database.

  • Multi-dimensional Access to Arrays
    Simplify code for accessing multi-dimensional arrays.

  • Register-accurate Multi-cycle Parts
    More accurate modeling of multi-cycle parts in RTL now matching the gate-level representation exactly to support additional RTL formal verification flows.

  • Enhancements to Cynw_fixed
    Support for additional rounding and saturation modes provides additional detail and flexibility.

  • Scalability Improvements
    Special optimizations to Cynthesizer’s internal algorithms and data structures allows handling of bigger, more complex designs.

  • Updated Integrations with Third-party Tools
    Cynthesizer supports the most complete set of third-party integrations directly in BDW automating the design flow process saving time and effort.

  • Improved Cynthesizer Knowledge Base (CynthKB)
    Nearly 500 expert articles, examples, and tips and tricks.

  • TLM Synthesis
    TLM synthesis is now included in Cynthesizer.

More info: Forte Design Systems