CSR Stereo R109 Software Development Kit for Stereo Bluetooth Headset

The CSR Stereo R109 software development kit (SDK) helps manufacturers create a feature-rich stereo Bluetooth headset within a short development time. The R109 SDK includes support for CSR’s Proximity Pairing technology, dual microphone Clear Voice Capture (CVC) echo and noise suppression technology, DSP-based music enhancements, and the ability to read and decode music files directly from a memory card. The R109 transforms any Bluetooth stereo headset into a portable media player. CSR’s Stereo R109 SDK is available now.

The Stereo R109 software development kit is based on CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon. The SDK reduces the time to market for manufacturers designing stereo Bluetooth accessories. The R109 supports multiple CODECs (such as SBC, MP3, AAC and AAC+), 3D stereo separation, five-band equaliser, and dynamic range control. In addition, speech is enhanced during a call using CSR’s dual-microphone CVC echo and noise suppression technology.

The R109 SDK supports FastStream, CSR’s low latency CODEC technology. It reduces the latency of the audio link (from source to sink) to avoid lip-sync issues when watching video images and listening to the audio on a headset or speakers. Competing Bluetooth solutions have a latency of up to 200ms that restricts their use in real-time applications such as gaming, video or mobile TV – comparatively FastStream has a latency of just 40ms.

CSR’s latest Stereo SDK supports CSR’s Proximity Pairing technology. Proximity Pairing simplifies the pairing process by enabling the headset to find the nearest discoverable Bluetooth source device. Fully compliant with secure simple pairing in the Bluetooth v2.1 specification, the headset initiates the pairing activity and the user simply has to accept the incoming pairing invitation on the source device.

The R109 also includes CSR’s AuriStream ADPCM CODEC, which offers superior voice quality when on a call and reduces power consumption by up to 30%.

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