Elektrobit and AUDI Electronics Venture Form Joint Venture

Elektrobit (EB) and AEV (AUDI Electronics Venture) are establishing a joint venture based in Gaimersheim, Germany. The joint venture will focus on the development of a software framework for in-vehicle infotainment systems. EB will hold a 51% stake in the new company and AEV will hold the remaining 49%. The joint venture will employ approximately 60 employees initially.

The goal of this joint venture is to provide an infotainment framework and enhance re-use of software for in-vehicle infotainment systems. EB and AUDI are combining their know-how in order to develop and establish this new infotainment framework. AUDI, through AEV, will contribute four generations worth of in-vehicle infotainment experience and EB its knowledge as professional global software developer for infotainment and its expertise in software system integration.

According to Elektrobit, the infotainment framework will be attractive to the whole automotive industry. It will be hardware independent and will feature open interfaces. It will be interoperable with different system environments and applications.

EB has exclusive rights to market the joint venture’s product. AUDI will be the first customer of the new joint vewnture. AUDI plans to implement key components of the infotainment framework in the next generation of the VW Group’s high-end infotainment system.

More info: Elektrobit