CoWare and EVE Integrated Virtualization and Emulation Solution

CoWare and EVE introduced a fully-integrated, high-performance solution combining virtualization and emulation to enable pre-silicon software development and hardware/software co-verification for multicore ARM AXI-based system-on-chip (SoC) designs. CoWare Virtual Platform and EVE’s ZeBu (for zero bugs) emulation uses CoWare’s fast untimed emulation adapters and EVE’s Synthesizable AXI Transactors. This bridges the gap between the virtualized, transaction-level representation of the system for software development and the register transfer level (RTL) implementation of subsystem hardware in emulation.

The hybrid, off-the-shelf solution enables fast and efficient development of hardware-dependent software and hardware/software co-verification ahead of first silicon. By enabling transaction-based communication of RTL design blocks with an electronic system level (ESL) environment at 100,000s transactions/second, it accelerates the development cycle for SoC designs while increasing verification productivity.

The joint solution enables CoWare Virtual Platforms to be created sooner by leveraging AXI application subsystem RTL in emulation, while still providing the debug visibility and simulation speed they need for the entire system. The off-the-shelf integration of Synthesizable AXI Transactors for ZeBu with the CoWare Virtual Platform environment enables the work to start before the entire system RTL code is available, while reusing the software-driven tests developed with the virtual platform.

Integration capabilities for CoWare Platform Architect and Virtual Platform environment and ZeBu are available immediately from CoWare and EVE.

More info: CoWare | EVE