Wind River Hypervisor for Virtualization of Devices

Wind River Hypervisor is a high-performance Type-1 hypervisor, which supports virtualization on single and multicore processors. It provides integration with Wind River VxWorks and Wind River Linux. It also supports other operating systems. The Wind River Workbench development tools suite has been extended to support developing software that runs on the Wind River Hypervisor. Wind River Hypervisor brings virtualization to devices so embedded developers can achieve improved device functionality on smaller form factors.

Wind River Hypervisor for Virtualization of Devices

Wind River Hypervisor Features

  • Supports single and multicore processors
  • Focus on real-time aspects such as performance, latency, determinism and minimal footprint
  • Highly optimized silicon-specific hardware support
  • Integrates with VxWorks and Wind River Linux for optimal performance; supports other operating systems and executives
  • Provides a hardwarelike interface for easy porting of operating systems or for developing minimal applications that do not require an operating system
  • Enables assigning devices to virtual boards; provides device and memory protection between the virtual boards; failures in the applications or operating system on one virtual board do not affect another operating system and its applications
  • Uses convenient XML-based system configuration; configuration changes do not require rebuilding guest operating systems or applications
  • Provides system projects for building entire multi-OS systems from Wind River Workbench
  • Agent-based debugging of VxWorks and Linux applications, including the ability to debug multiple virtual boards via one physical Ethernet connection
  • Provides a priority-based scheduler; partitioned and other schedulers can be supported
  • Provides a message-passing protocol designed for communication between cores and/or virtual boards; uses a socketlike API and shared memory as a fast, zero-copy communications medium between OSes
  • Enables start, stop, and reload/restart of guest operating systems

Wind River Hypervisor enables virtualization for devices across a broad range of market segments, including aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer devices, industrial, and networking. Hypervisors enable the replacement of multiple boards or CPUs with a single board and/or a single CPU. The benefits of using the Wind River Hypervisor include reduced hardware costs and power consumption, opportunity for innovation, and accelerated time-to-market.

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