Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer 2009.06

Synopsys introduced Galaxy Custom Designer 2009.06 implementation solution. The latest release features advanced analog simulation and layout capabilities and delivers productivity advances for analog circuit designers and layout engineers. The Custom Designer 2009.06 includes high-capacity, high-performance schematic-driven layout (SDL) designed for today’s large analog blocks.

The SDL capability features robust schematic and layout synchronization technology and a streamlined engineering change order (ECO) flow. The 2009.06 release also offers an easy-to-use analog simulation and analysis environment that features high-performance waveform display and processing, mixed text/schematic integration, and Tcl scripting for batch verification.

Custom Designer is a modern-era custom implementation solution that delivers ease-of-use and leverages Synopsys’ Galaxy Implementation Platform to provide a unified solution for custom and digital designs. Built natively on the OpenAccess database, it offers unprecedented support for legacy designs and interoperable process design kits (PDKs).

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