Benefits of OPC Training

The OPC Training Institute is offering a webinar on the benefits of OPC Training. The webcast is ideal for instrumentation, engineering, information technology, and automation professionals. The webinar will highlight the benefits of OPC training to help avoid project delays and cyber-security vulnerabilities. Participants will find out how OPC can increase plant productivity. The Certified OPC Professional (COP) designation is awarded to people who have demonstrated their proficiency with OPC technology, design, architecture, and installation. The 45 minute online event will take place at 9:00 am (SGT Singapore) on June 30, 2009.

OPC is an essential technology for plant productivity. But just because you are using OPC, doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to face all integration challenges.

OPC training helps you avoid project delays and cyber-security risks. You also get the opportunity to set up a robust communication infrastructure to enable Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering to make real-time decisions.

  • Benefits of vendor-neutral training
  • How the learning modules fit together
  • How training facilitates interaction between disciplines such as Instrumentation, Engineering, and IT
  • Results and testimonials from students

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