The SPIRIT Consortium Merges with Accellera

The organizations’ Boards of Accellera and The SPIRIT Consortium have agreed to a merger of the two Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry organizations. The union improves the development of language-based and IP standards. Accellera is the leading standards organization developing language-based standards used by system, semiconductor, Intellectual Property (IP) and EDA companies. The SPIRIT Consortium is the leading standards organization focused on developing standards for IP deployment and reuse.

The merged organization will be called Accellera. The SPIRIT Consortium name will continue to be associated with the organization’s ongoing IP standardization efforts. The merged organizations will work towards a greater cooperation with other standardization groups in the industry.

The two organizations currently have eight standardization subcommittees operating. These standards include: SystemRDL (Register Description Language), IPtagging, Interface Technical Committee (ITC), Open Verification Library (OVL), Unified Coverage Interoperability (UCI), Verilog Analog/Mixed Signal (AMS), Verification IP (VIP) and IP-XACT.

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