Power Forward Initiative Power-Aware Design Summit

The Power Forward Initiative Power-Aware Design Summit will take place June 17, 2009 at the ARM headquarters in Cambridge UK. The one-day technical event is free and includes a continental breakfast and lunch. PFI members will share their design expertise, best practices, and proven capabilities that can be applied in low-power and energy-efficient designs.

Design Summit Topics

  • Experiences with successful deployment of advanced low-power design techniques
  • Challenges faced and solutions employed
  • Perspectives from project managers
  • Offerings from the ecosystem of EDA, IP, foundry, IDM, ASIC, and design services suppliers that enable power-efficient design

Design Summit Agenda

  • 09.45: Introduction and Welcome (Steve Carlson, Cadence)
  • 10.00: Keynote – John Biggs, ARM Co-Founder
  • 10.45: System Low Power Presentation (Cadence)
  • 11.30 : PFI Member – Design Experiences (ARM)
  • 12.15: Lunch
  • 13.15: Cadence Keynote – EDA in a Greening World
    Steve Carlson, VP Marketing Low Power Solution
  • 14.00: Low Power IP Design for short range wireless solutions – Mindtree
  • 14.30: Migration towards a CPF-integrated and automated low-power physical implementation flow on design derivatives – S3
  • 15.00: Power Efficient IP Integration (Cadence)
  • 15.30: Panel and Q&A

More info: Power Forward Initiative Power-Aware Design Summit