RapiTime Software Toolset Version 2.2

Rapita Systems rolled out version 2.2 of the RapiTime software toolset. RapiTime is ideal for engineers developing real-time, embedded software for electronics systems in the avionics, defence, aerospace, and automotive industries. RapiTime is designed to provide timing analyses, such as worst-case execution time (WCET), for embedded software running on most microcontrollers. RapiTime 2.2 can also be used for software debugging and monitoring test code coverage.

RapiTime Software Toolset Version 2.2RapiTime 2.2 Features

  • Reduce effort identifying which code to optimize using color-marked source code:
    • instantly find code that is the source of timing problems with both high watermark path and WCET path clearly marked
    • focus testing on key sections of code and reduce test-time on expensive rigs
    • easily check test coverage to identify code that is not executed code during testing
  • Trace back through code execution using a list of timestamps and source code locations to aid debugging.
  • Fully instrument code with minimal overheads using RapiTime’s unique Idpack feature, which allows instrumentation to be implemented with writes to as few as 2 bits of output ports
  • Demultiplex pre-emptive code into several traces, one for each task or thread
  • Annotate mutually exclusive paths to improve to the accuracy of the WCET analysis

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