QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite 1.2

QNX Software Systems released version 1.2 of the Aviage Multimedia Suite for in-car infotainment systems and other multimedia devices. It offers enhanced support for Internet streaming, album art, Microsoft Zune players, DVD-V, and video playback. Aviage also offers faster performance and lower memory use for resource-constrained embedded designs. The QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite 1.2 is available now.

QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite 1.2 Overview

  • Supports RTP and HTTP streaming
  • Enables devices to use Shoutcast and other Internet streaming media standards
  • Supported playlists now include iTunes, RMP (Real Media Player), and WAX/ASX
  • Improves support for album art. — now automatically performs fetching, caching, and thumbnail generation
  • Requires less memory — especially when multiple clients are connected to the multimedia database
  • Improves startup time to let the database load faster
  • Uses optimized metadata synchronization algorithms to increase the speed of metadata synchronization
  • New DVD navigator, which when combined with the video codecs from the optional Intel Performance Primitives package, provides DVD playback and supports MPEG-4, H.264, MPEG-2, and H.263 video formats
  • New optional package adds audio codec support for the TI OMAP 3 codec engine
  • Runs on a variety of 32-bit CPUs and DSPs, including ARM9+, SH-4+, PowerPC processors, and TI OMAP, and on automotive-grade hardware platforms from Freescale, Renesas, Texas Instruments, and Intel

More info: QNX Software Systems