Open Kernel Labs OK:Android

OK:Android, from Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), is an off-the-shelf paravirtualized version of the Android smartphone platform. OK:Android enables Android to be used as a guest operating system running in a secure hypercell on top of the OKL4 microvisor, which is a mobile phone virtualization platform. OK:Android helps handset manufacturers (OEMs) to develop new designs with Android. The combination of OK:Android and OKL4 also extends new levels of security and robustness to the Android smartphone OS from Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). OK:Android and OKL4 are available immediately.

OK:Android Highlights

  • Offers new options for creating and prototyping Android-based devices and applications with embedded virtualization
  • Creates more secure and robust mobile devices, applications and services with Android and OKL4
  • Runs Android together with other mobile OSes and/or deploy multiple instances of Android on a single device
  • Consolidates hardware (e.g., base band and application CPU cores) for more aggressive price-points for Android-based handsets
  • Creates new Android-based devices enabled for mobile-to-enterprise virtualization (M2E)

OK:Android helps reduce time to market for a new wave of Android devices. OK Labs virtualization technology already ships in over 300 million mobile handsets, including Android-based devices where OKL4 runs on the baseband processor. With OK:Android and the OKL4 microvisor, OK Labs can further accelerate Android adoption for new designs. Both Android and OKL4 are based on dynamic open source projects, both are shipping in volume, and both streamline development through abstraction — Android at the applications level and OKL4 for system software, including Android itself.

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