ARC Media Phone Sound-to-Silicon Solution

ARC International introduced their Sound-to-Silicon solution for the Media Phone, which is a new category of broadband-based multimedia device. The Media Phone combines DECT cordless speaker phone technology with direct access to Internet-based entertainment and applications via a color touch screen. The ARC Media Phone Solution is available now for licensing by OEMs and semiconductor companies worldwide. ARC-Based chips are available to OEMs from ARC silicon customers.

ARC Media Phone Solution Features

  • The latest version of Sonic Focus audio enrichment software that runs nearly 50% faster in embedded applications
  • The new configurable AS 211 SFX Subsystem intellectual property (IP) that consumes 30% less power on less silicon real estate
  • A new Media Software Framework (MSF) that provides software developers an easy-to-use software API
  • A comprehensive set of software and hardware development tools to turn concept into final product
  • An extensive range of pre-integrated audio and video codecs managed by ARC
  • A reference platform for complete Sound-to-Silicon hardware and software development

ARC’s Media Phone Solution brings together all of the elements an SoC vendor needs to quickly create a chip to serve this market with the lowest risk and fastest time to market. The resultant chip will be differentiated from other offerings and will provide a significantly enhanced multimedia experience. The OEM can exploit the ARC Sonic Focus component in ARC’s solution, to reduce BoM cost while providing a product that will engage the consumer and help their product stand out against competitors.

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