Mentor Graphics PADS 9.0 Flow

PADS 9.0 flow, from Mentor Graphics, features new levels of functionality, scalability, and integration. PADS design solution helps individuals and design teams to develop PCBs within a highly productive and easy-to-use environment. PADS enables engineers to accomplish a wide breadth and depth of core PCB development tasks — including schematic entry, analog design, signal and power integrity, thermal analysis, and PCB layout-to-manufacturing preparation.

PADS 9.0 Flow Highlights

  • HyperLynx Analog provides a truly scalable solution for board-level analog and mixed signal simulation
  • I/O Designer offers a foundation for an effective FPGA/PCB co-design process enabling designers to optimize system performance and reduce PCB layers
  • HyperLynx Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI) enable engineers to design for optimum performance and reliability
  • HyperLynx Thermal integration allows quick and easy analysis of the thermal characteristics of PCBs early in the design process
  • A 3D Viewer allows users to pan, zoom, and rotate plus the ability to import 3D models of components and other mechanical devices
  • The visECAD tool enables real-time collaboration between designers and the rest of the supply chain (procurement, manufacturing, test, etc)

Typical PADS 9.0 Suite Configuration

  • Design entry including DxDesigner, variant management, and data import/translators from competitors’ PCB design systems
  • HyperLynx pre-and post-layout signal integrity simulation, thermal analysis and analog simulation
  • PADS Layout with powerful auto-routing, high-speed rule adherence, unlimited database and layers, and design reuse
  • Advanced manufacturing rules
  • 3D Viewer and integration to multi-disciplined collaboration solutions

More info: Mentor Graphics PADS Flow