Quantum3D IData v3.0.4 Human Machine Interface Toolkit

Quantum3D released version 3.0.4 of the IData Human Machine Interface (HMI) toolkit. IData v3.0.4 includes a DO-178B certified widget library, ARINC 661 capabilities, new 3D user interface (UI) capabilities, and new digital mapping features (including TeleAtlas street-level data and TerraMetrics TruEarth Global Satellite Imagery and TerraBlocks terrain rendering). IData 3.0.4 is immediately available starting at $5,000 USD.

Quantum3D IData v3.0.4 Human Machine Interface (HMI) ToolkitThe IData’s DO-178B certified widget library for avionics applications includes such common elements as push buttons, popup menus, tab panels, numeric spinners, drop lists, radio groups, etc. The library also includes a tabular data display widget and a text editor widget. When combined with IData’s native capabilities for resizable windows, dynamic render order, and UI hierarchy, the widgets form a powerful capability to implement cursor-controlled flight decks, operator tactical interfaces, and many other applications.

With the IData widget library, designers can now make their applications ARINC 661 compliant, and deliver both their user applications and their embedded Cockpit Display System (CDS) solution using IData COTS products. IData’s widget library and user interaction capabilities form the backbone of the user interactivity required by ARINC 661. In addition, IDataMap may now be used to provide an ARINC 661 compliant map widget. IData now also offers an ARINC 661 communications protocol implementation and application programming interface (API) to facilitate the development of ARINC 661 user applications.

All of IData’s user interaction capabilities are now supported by IData3D’s new 3D UI widget set. Using these widgets, any IData element may be presented in a full 3D context. Users may interact with the IData elements in the 3D virtual environment just as if they were on the 2D desktop. This enables IData to be used in the creation of virtual prototypes with true 3D layouts, virtual trainers, helmet-mounted displays, gaming applications, and 3D user interfaces for mobile devices.

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