Embedded Alley Development System for Linux

Embedded Alley released a new version of their Development System for Linux. The upgraded development system enables device developers to acquire and integrate embedded Linux platform code from Embedded Alley, project repositories (such as kernel.org), and semiconductor and systems suppliers. The Embedded Alley Development System can create software Bills of Materials, track versions of the Linux kernel and other open source software (OSS) components and dependencies, offer traceability of sources used in derived binaries, and help OEMs comply with open source license obligations.

Embedded Alley Development System Features

  • Software BoM Creation
    Fully documents packages, versions, licenses, upstream source, patches and dependencies for both development and production builds
  • License Auditing
    Flags OSS licenses and highlights compliance obligations to match OEM-specified policies
  • Source Package Creation
    Builds comprehensive device/project sources and creates source packages tailored to meet licensing disclosure requirements
  • Traceability
    Supports tracking and verification of matched sources and binaries for redistribution, license compliance, maintenance and end-product customer support

The updated Embedded Alley Development System for Linux supports ARM and MIPS chipsets — including intelligent device applications based on the Freescale Semiconductor i.MX31 Multimedia Applications Processor. Embedded Alley Development System features flexibility and support for OEM choice: not locking developers into a single supply chain, version, or build methodology. The Embedded Alley Development System for Linux is available immediately from Embedded Alley.

More info: The Embedded Alley Development System
for Linux-based Devices