Crossware 8051 Development Suite Supports Silicon Labs C8051F7xx MCUs

Crossware’s 8051 Development Suite now supports Silicon Laboratories’ C8051F7xx family of high pin-count, touch-sensing microcontrollers. The C8051F7xx support helps developers to rapidly exploit the advanced features of the new chips by providing a combination of wizards, simulation, debugging, compiler extensions, and pre-configuration. The enhancements enable programmers using the C8051F7xx chips to accelerate the development process and significantly reduce new product time-to-market.

Crossware 8051 Development Suite Highlights

  • Code Creation Wizards provided for all on-chip peripherals
  • Source level debug with Silicon Labs’ USB debugger interface
  • Example programs for touch sensor and other on-chip peripherals
  • Special version of 8051 suite specifically for Silicon Labs’ development

A Silicon Labs-specific evaluation version of the Crossware 8051 Development Suite is included on the Third Party Tools and Documentation CD supplied with the Silicon Labs MCU Development Kits – a full version of this is now available from Crossware for developers who do not require support for 8051 chips from other vendors.

On-chip debugging enables tdevelopers to exploit the debugging capabilities integrated into the C8051F7xx chips and run programs interactively on the target hardware. The code creation wizards have been used to create some simple examples that demonstrate the use of the touch sensor, ADC and comparator on-chip peripherals and these will run on the F700 Toolstick evaluation board from Silicon Laboratories. With its advanced C compiler, libraries, wizards, simulator and debugger, the Crossware 8051 Development Suite provides a complete and extremely user friendly development environment for the Silicon Labs’ family of microcontrollers.

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