Ascent 2.2.1 and Meridian CDC 2.5

Real Intent released Ascent 2.2.1 and Meridian CDC 2.5. Ascent is the all-in-one automatic early functional verification software. It includes lint and sequential formal analysis capabilities to find bugs in the design without any testbench. Meridian CDC is the clock-domain crossing (CDC) verification software for ASIC and FPGA designs.

Ascent 2.2.1 includes performance improvement, local scope analysis, and inline pragma support. Meridian CDC offers automatic clock intent verification, exhaustive formal analysis, and dynamic simulation capabilities to ensure reliable CDC crossings. Meridian CDC 2.5 includes several new features and improvements:

  • Shell model support for hierarchical analysis
  • Enhanced RAM support
  • Enhanced formal analysis of FIFOs
  • Improved structural and formal reporting
  • Enhanced GUI debugging capabilities

More info: Real Intent