Mentor Graphics HDTV Verification Platform

Mentor Graphics introduced their HDTV Verification Platform for accelerating the verification of HDTV products. The HDTV platform helps designers test HDTV systems, including High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DisplayPort interfaces, by employing real-world HDTV stimulus and analysis tools early in the development cycle — delivering verification for thousands of full-HDTV frames. The platform consists of the Veloce family of hardware-assisted verification products and the iSolve Multimedia product for HTDV applications, which provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, delivering a dynamic and accurate verification environment.

The high-performance of the Mentor Graphics’ HDTV platform makes it feasible to run thousands of full-HD frames, and provides full debug visibility for the user. Additionally, the platform provides direct visualizations of the HDTV frames, rather than the limited signal-level displays of traditional simulation tools. This delivers a more effective and productive debug environment to develop new and leading-edge HDTV products, without compromising delivery schedules.

Mentor’s HDTV platform supports the latest HDMI and DisplayPort standards, and includes state-of-the-art debug and analysis tools for video and audio content, automatic generators for data streaming, and remote access client software to support users in worldwide organizations.

The platform can be used with a traditional In-Circuit Emulation as well as a high-performance Transaction-Based Acceleration mode of operation. The ability to mix and match traditional ICE capabilities with high-performance Transaction-Based Acceleration facilitates the smooth transition from simulation-centric use models to In-Circuit Emulation.

More info: Mentor Graphics Veloce SoC Verification System