Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE 2009_05

Berkeley Design Automation announced the 2009_05 major release of the Analog FastSPICE (AFS) unified circuit verification platform. Within a single executable, the AFS Platform enables analog, mixed-signal, and RF design teams to verify what would otherwise require numerous simulators. The latest release of the AFS Platform offers foundry-certified true SPICE accuracy 5x-20x faster than traditional SPICE for every type of analysis on circuits with up to 10 million elements. The result is proven 2x higher efficiency versus tradition circuit simulators.

Analog FastSPICE 2009_05 Highlights

  • New AFS Mega-Solver matrix solvers that deliver efficient convergence and fast transient analysis for pre-layout and post-layout circuits with up to 10M elements
  • New AFS Multi-Core capability which provide up to an additional 2x or higher performance than single-threaded Analog FastSPICE when run on up to 4 cores
  • Enhanced Monte Carlo analysis that supports all commonly used features, including Latin Hypercube Sampling, in the industry’s leading netlist styles
  • WaveCrave waveform processor enhancements that provide improved performance, advanced RF calculator functions, 64-bit capacity, and enhanced output file support
  • New “master” licenses that enable unlimited use of the company’s true SPICE accurate Noise Analysis Option and AFS Co-Simulation option

More info: Berkeley Design Automation