Knowing Your Design is Right

Jazz Semiconductor will host a techtorial featuring the Cadence Design Systems Virtuoso IC 6.1 custom design platform. The event is entitled, “Knowing Your Design is Right.” The techtorial will take place on June 4, 2009 at Jazz headquarters in Newport Beach, CA and will be presented by Cadence at multiple other venues throughout the United States over the next several months.

The Virtuoso techtorial is intended for analog/mixed-signal design managers and supporting CAD managers. The event will include a technical overview of how Virtuoso tools meet modern design challenges and tighter deadlines. A lab/workshop will be offered by Cadence, geared toward existing users of Virtuoso tools on the IC 5.1.41 release in both electrical and physical design. Attendees will also have the opportunity to test-drive the latest in the industry’s leading solution for custom IC design. Lunch to be provided.

Custom design requires both flexibility and consistency in the design flow to address the broad array of challenges engineers address on a daily basis. The key challenge is being able to effectively and efficiently explore and validate a design as early as possible in the flow. The Cadence Virtuoso custom design platform improves efficiency by streamlining the common tasks involved in custom design, enabling IC designers to concentrate on the unique challenges of creation and implementation.

More info: MSC Jazz Semiconductor