Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol

The Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol (SNAP) is a cost-effective, turn-key solution designed to simplify the on-chip bus design for complex embedded SoCs by turning multilayer bus designs into an IP block. SNAP’s easy-to-use development environment enables developers to quickly and intuitively capture their design with little or no training. SNAP is ideal for embedded wireless, home networking, and automotive applications.

Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol (SNAP)

SNAP lowers development costs and provides faster time-to-market by reducing the engineering resources needed for complex multi-layer designs. All arbitration, clocks, data width and protocol conversions are done automatically. Protocol support for AHB and APB are provided and upgrades for AXI and OCP are also available. This platform methodology provides for easy reuse and preserves legacy IP. The investment made in earlier generation cores is not lost as system upgrades are needed.

As the number of IP cores in embedded SoC designs continues to grow, current bus structures are becoming complex and time consuming to design. In addition, memory access problems can arise because there are now multiple processors competing for memory resources. SNAP addresses both of these problems by first turning the complex interconnection of multiple cores into a customized IP block, thus reducing the chip design effort. And second, SNAP improves the overall data flow in the systems, thereby improving bus performance and eliminating memory bottlenecks.

More info: SNAP – Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol (pdf)