Open SystemC Initiative TLM-2.0 in Action Video Tutorial

The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) is offering a free, online video tutorial titled “TLM-2.0 in Action: An Example-based Approach to Transaction-level Modeling and the New World of Model Interoperability.” The tutorial is divided into five presentations with a brief introduction and is approximately three hours long. It is available now.

The tutorial discusses TLM-2.0 concepts and mechanics, as well as some fine points of the standard that emerged during the development of the Language Reference Manual. The tutorial’s examples-based approach details TLM-2.0 and describes how to get the most value out of using the standard. The examples demonstrate modeling styles, as well as integration of legacy models based on TLM-1 interfaces, which are fully preserved in TLM-2.0.

Tutorial Agenda

  • Introduction and Welcome
    Jack Donovan, President, XtremeEDA USA
  • Overview of TLM-2.0 Features
    John Aynsley, Technical Director, Doulos
  • TLM Mechanics
    David Black, ESL Technologist, XtremeEDA
  • TLM 2.0 Nuances
    John Aynsley, Technical Director, Doulos
  • Performance Modeling Using TLM 2.0
    Zhu Zhou, Component Design Engineer, Intel
  • Applying TLM 2.0 to Legacy Platforms
    Frank Schirrmeister, Director, Product Marketing, System-Level Solutions, Synopsys

Tutorial Highlights

  • An overview of the concepts and the intent of the TLM-2.0 standard including a brief history of transaction-level modeling in SystemC and the next steps for TLM-2.0
  • An introduction to TLM-2.0 concepts
  • A brief introduction to the TLM-2.0 LRM, plans for the LRM, and some fine points of the standard that have emerged during the LRM development process
  • An introduction to the TLM-2.0 examples
  • An example of TLM-2.0 concepts for a real life component
  • An example application of TLM-2.0 concepts on a system design

More info: TLM-2.0 in Action