Object Management Group and SDR Forum Smart Antenna Specification

The Object Management Group (OMG) and The SDR Forum released a standard defining interfaces and APIs for a unified architecture among smart antenna vendors. The “PIM and PSM for Smart Antenna Specification” is the first joint standard released by the groups, both of which are non-profit member organizations that produce industry specifications -OMG in the computer industry and The SDR Forum in the reconfigurable radio industry.

A smart antenna is an antenna array system that is aided by a processing system that processes the signals received by the array or transmitted by the array using suitable array algorithms to improve wireless system performance. A software defined smart antenna is a smart antenna in which certain operating characteristics, such as the field of regard, frequency of operation, access mode, or transmit/receive waveforms can be altered by firmware or software download after its manufacture.

Smart Antenna Specification Components

  • The Unified Modeling Language (UML) Profile for Smart Antenna (SA), which defines a language for modeling a smart antenna system by expanding the UML language
  • The SA Platform Independent Model (PIM), which provides a set of interfaces for interfacing with the signal processing module, RF module, and controller module
  • The SA Platform Specific Model (PSM), which provides a rule for transforming the elements of the profile and SA PIM into the platform specific model for Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) interface definition language and XML

More info: SDR Forum (pdf) | OMG