Free Use of ATS Thermal Characterization Laboratory

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) is offering a half-day of free, no-obligation use of their Thermal Characterization Laboratory to engineers who need to perform thermal testing of their heat sinks, fans and fan trays, PCBs, blades, enclosures, or complete systems. Engineers and board and system designers can perform the tests themselves, or consult with an ATS thermal engineer at no cost during their 4 hours of laboratory time. ATS thermal test engineers will also advise lab patrons how to optimize their free testing period prior to arriving.

ATS’ Thermal Characterization Lab features a full range of research-quality instruments, including open and closed loop wind tunnels for ambient and elevated temperature testing. All wind tunnels are PC-driven controls and provide automated data collection. The lab also offers a full array of the company’s sensor systems and thermocouples, which can be used to characterize electronic products under variable airflow and temperature conditions.

The lab includes a JEDEC approved component thermal testing facility for conducting a multitude of device-level tests per JEDEC standards. There are also complete liquid crystal and IR thermography systems for non-invasive temperature mapping to 0.1oC with one micron-level spatial resolution; and a liquid cooling facility is available for complete testing and characterization of cold plates for measuring cooling effects and evaluating design concepts.

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