SDR Forum Smart Communications in Transportation Systems Workshop

The SDR Forum will hold a workshop on Smart Communications in Transportation Systems on June 18 during their 63rd General Meeting in Dearborn, Michigan at the Dearborn Hyatt. The workshop will gather vehicle manufacturers, government representatives, and experts in reconfigurable radio technologies to realize the technical and business advantages offered by SDR and CR technologies in modern transportation systems and make some headway on these issues.

Workshop Topics

  • Fully neworked cars
  • Technical challenges in vehicular networking
  • SDR and cognitive radio in air transporatation
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • The Virginia Smart Road
  • Optimizing GPS

The workshop will feature keynotes by Michael Noblett of Connexis and Marco D’Ambrosio of SELEX Communications. In addition, presentations will be made by Noblis, On-Star, Toyota Info. Technology Center, General Motors, Tyco Electronics, Virginia Tech, and Element CXI.

More info: SDR Forum