1394 Automotive Technology Design Seminar

The 1394 Trade Association is sponsoring an Automotive Technology Seminar on April 30. The event will feature presentations by industry leaders and the latest products and innovations that are making 1394 Automotive the next global standard for in-vehicle networking. The seminar starts at 1 pm Thursday, April 30 at the Dearborn Inn Marriott. It will provide a comprehensive view of the 1394 Automotive standard and use cases for the vehicle.

Seminar Topics

  • Network Applications
  • Standards Overview
  • Interconnect Systems Solutions
  • 1394 Chip Solutions
  • Software Solutions
  • Testing and Diagnostics
  • System View Summary

Seminar Demonstrations

  • Multiple A/V Streams
    The infotainment exhibit will include simultaneous streaming of a camera, music player, and multiple DVDs. The bandwidth of this system can support navigation, Internet and web access, digital audio, multiple DVD players, personal music players and other consumer electronics devices. 1394 Auto supports established content protection protocols and a wide range of compression technologies that enable security and maximum performance.

  • 1394 Driver Assist Capabilities
    The demo will feature four fully-synchronized cameras streaming uncompressed video, enabling real-time sensing and display on front, rear and side angles. The driver assist demos will run on the VersaPHY extension to the base 1394 standard, which is designed to enable simple, low-cost, automotive cameras. It also includes bus analyzer showing bus utilization and demonstrating the availability of 1394 bus diagnostic equipment.

  • IP Running over 1394
    1394 can enable telematics, travel assistance, system updates, and diagnostics, with the ability to download video and audio content to the vehicle for storage and playback. Vehicle connectivity displays how the network can use 3G, Wi-Fi, terrestrial and wired options.

  • Cabling Systems
    This demo will show two different automotive grade cabling systems demonstrating the ability to carry signal and power over the same cable, providing power to remote devices.

More info: 1394 Automotive Design Seminar