National Instruments Virtual Automated Test Summit

The 2009 Virtual Automated Test Summit will take place on May 20th. The free online event features two live keynotes, five application-focused exhibition pavilions that are new to the show, 25 on-demand sessions organized into five technical workshops and more than 15 vendor exhibition booths. The Virtual Automated Test Summit offers expert-led training focused on applying best practices from the top trends in test and measurement which include software-defined instrumentation, parallel processing techniques, and new methods for wireless and semiconductor test.

Virtual Automated Test Summit Workshops

  • Moving to a Software-Defined Test Strategy
  • Understanding Traditional versus Software-Defined System Design
  • Choosing the Right Modular Instruments Based on Your DUT Requirements
  • Techniques for Software-Defined Measurements and Analysis
  • Tips from a System Integrator
  • Maximizing Processor and Instrumentation Utilization
  • Demystifying Multicore and Multithreaded Programming
  • Evaluating Parallel Test Models and Architectures
  • Increasing Parallel Data Streaming Bandwidth with PXI Express
  • Understanding RF Test: What Every Engineer Should Know
  • Key Tips to Reduce the Measurement Time of WLAN Signals
  • Mastering RF Record and Playback
  • Configuring Phase-Coherent MIMO Test Systems
  • Fundamentals of GPS Simulation
  • Discovering New Techniques for Closed-Loop Test
  • Architecting Adaptable Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Systems
  • Developing Protocol Aware Test Systems
  • Designing Custom FPGA I/O for High-Performance Test
  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Throughput with Zero Cost
  • Integrating GPIB, PXI, VXI, and LXI Hybrid Systems
  • Uncovering PXI System Design Best Practices
  • Exploring Advanced NI TestStand Software Architectures
  • Best Practices for Large Application Development with LabVIEW
  • Advanced Debugging Tips and Tricks in LabWindows/CVI
  • Exploring Effective Calibration and Sparing Strategies

More info: 2009 Virtual Automated Test Summit (pdf)